Enterprise users to dominate LTE user base till 2015


LTE subscriber levels will touch 428
million by 2016 but will only reach 6 percent of the global subscriber

Most of this growth is expected to occur
from 2012 onwards, with many mobile operators making preparations now in order
to realize their roll out targets.

With the rate of LTE network commitments at
an all-time high, network vendors have significantly improved their position to
offer products and solutions to network operators. Consequently, the total
number of LTE base station deployments will reach almost 1 million by 2014.

In the early years LTE will be dominated by
the uptake of enterprise subscribers, but during 2013 consumer subscribers will
begin to sign up in volume and begin to overtake enterprise subscribers by

“With LTE being offered as a premium
level service initially, enterprise subscribers will be attracted by the
improved data speeds and the service guarantees that will be offered. The
emerging factor that will drive consumer take-up later in the forecast and
beyond is the embedding of LTE technology in consumer devices,” said Nitin
Bhas of Juniper Research.

LTE smartphones and tablets will dominate
the LTE connected end user device market, accounting for 50 percent of the
total LTE subscribers by 2016.

LTE smartphones are expected to achieve
early market traction in the enterprise market, with high-end data users
migrating to the faster technology. Enterprise users are leading the early
stages of LTE-enabled tablet adoption; however, Juniper Research expects
consumer users to exceed enterprise users by volume from 2013.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]