Exalt unveils 4G backhaul systems using non-traditional licensed bands

Communications announced the launch of its new non-traditional licensed band
microwave systems providing mobile operators and service providers with a means
to escape spectrum saturation in the commonly used long-haul and short-haul
licensed bands.

The new
all-indoor and all-outdoor systems support the growing list of newly available
bands including 6/7 and 12/13 BAS/CARS bands, 28 GHz LMDS, and the 42 GHz band
now available in parts of Europe.

The new
systems address both the urgent, immediate requirement for long-haul equipment
alternatives outside the heavily saturated 6 and 11 GHz FCC bands, as well as
the need for new short-haul options to support het-net deployments in dense
urban environments.

Exalt’s new
long-range, all-indoor Gigabit Ethernet systems in the 6/7 and 12/13 GHz
BAS/CARS bands, based on the Exalt EX and ExploreAir platforms, meet the
demanding requirements of network operators with long- haul, high capacity
transport requirements.

The EX
systems offer semi-protected, 1.5+0 configuration, providing designers with a
protection alternative that balances system cost with redundancy, while the
ExploreAir systems offer the industry’s only field-replaceable diplexers,
reducing the cost of sparing by as much as 90 percent.

The new
Exalt systems in the 28 and 42 GHz bands, based on the company’s ExploreAir
platform, feature an ultra-compact, all-outdoor, zero-footprint design, making
them ideal for deployment on light poles and building facades in dense urban
environments, two of the most common deployment scenarios for small cells.

systems are already the highest capacity single-carrier microwave systems in
the world, and that capability is extended into the 28 and 42 GHz bands,
enabling single-carrier backhaul of small cell traffic in excess of 600 Mbps

successful evolution from today’s macro-centric network architecture to
tomorrow’s heterogeneous network architecture mandates that network operators
have a wealth of options from which to choose in technology, systems,
topologies, and spectrum,” said Mark Davis, Exalt senior director of
product marketing.

newest Exalt systems, which help alleviate the congestion in backhaul spectrum
by taking advantage of newly-released and underutilized spectrum, are the
latest proof points of our commitment to deliver more options and more answers
to customers as they continue to grow and evolve their networks,” Davis added.

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