Fixed broadband subscriptions reached 591 million in early 2012: ITU report

Telecom Lead Geneva: Over the past five years, fixed broadband
subscriptions have more than doubled to reach an estimated 591 million in early
2012, yet a huge divide remains between the developed and developing worlds,
according to the latest edition of ITU’s flagship regulatory report’-Trends in
Telecommunication Reform.’


Fixed broadband penetration of 26 percent in
industrialized countries contrasts dramatically with penetration of just 4.8
percent in developing nations. Affordability remains a major obstacle,
particularly in Africa, where fixed broadband access costs on average three
times monthly per capita income.


The latest ITU’s flagship regulatory report -Trends in
Telecommunication Reform’ highlights the vital importance of a solid national
regulatory framework in accelerating broadband roll-out and stimulating the
development of new digital goods and services.


Subtitled -Smart Regulation for a Broadband World’, this
year’s report sheds light on the often complex legal and regulatory issues now
emerging as broadband becomes pervasive and increasingly serves as a driving
force for the development of other economic sectors.


ITU wants governments to cut tax on mobile broadband equipment
and services


ITU has urged governments to cut tax on mobile equipment
and services in order to speed up the growth of IMT-Advanced-compliant mobile
broadband networks. ITU wants mobile operators to move quickly to deploy
IMT-Advanced-compliant mobile broadband networks.


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