Flash Networks’ TCP+ optimization boosts LTE download speeds by 50%

Telecom Lead Europe: Flash Networks says its TCP+ optimization boosted download and browsing speeds for LTE networks by up to 50 percent.

The mobile Internet solutions provider’s claim is based on deployments with several tier 1 operator networks.

In cases of higher traffic congestion, download speeds were more than doubled.

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The TCP+ optimization technology enables download acceleration by overcoming inherent protocol inefficiencies,  and adjusting transmission rates based on real-time network conditions.

In addition, TCP+ provides a cost effective way for operators to dramatically improve quality of experience at a fraction of the cost spent on frequencies and network upgrades.

Flash Networks says five tier 1 operators around the globe won first place in network regulator speed trials after implementing our TCP+ technology, most of which improved their former years’ competitive position.

Flash’s TCP+ optimization can be deployed as a standalone solution or as part of the Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway. TCP+ significantly improves performance of all network types from legacy 2.5G to the most advanced 4G LTE networks.

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