GTA TeleGuam upgrades wireless network to 4G with HSPA+ technology

GTA TeleGuam announced another wireless first for Guam,

with the introduction of the fourth generation (4G) wireless broadband network.
The new, fastest wireless access is available in selected high traffic areas
around the island.

GTA TeleGuam’s latest wireless network enhancement
enables faster downloads, quicker website loading, and smoother streaming video
on wireless devices. The enhanced network can deliver download speeds up to
three times faster than 3G networks.

Users will need a 4G-compatible device and must be within
GTA TeleGuam’s newly expanded coverage area to experience 4G-like data transfer

The proliferation of smartphones and our customers’
insatiable demand for increasing wireless speed prompted GTA TeleGuam to move
ahead with the major network upgrade,” said Andrew Gayle, chief operating
officer, GTA TeleGuam.

GTA TeleGuam has been working hard on major network
enhancements. We will continue to expand our network capacity and coverage. Now
we are upgrading speeds,” Gayle added.


GTA TeleGuam upgraded the software of its 3G wireless
broadband network to HSPA+, short for High Speed Packet Access Plus technology.

4G-like speeds can be achieved when HSPA+ is combined
with enhanced backhaul between GTA TeleGuam’s cell sites and the company’s
backbone network that provides access to the Internet. Actual speeds will vary
and depend on various factors such as wireless device, location and network


About 30 percent of GTA TeleGuam’s 3G cellsites have
enhanced backhaul using super-fast fiberoptic transport. The company is
deploying more fiberoptic infrastructure to expand its 4G mobile reach and


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