Hong Kong telecom operator CSL selects ZTE for LTE network expansion

Telecom Lead Asia: CSL, a mobile operator in Hong Kong,
has selected Chinese telecom equipment provider ZTE for its LTE network


ZTE will construct a network of new base stations for CSL.
ZTE will deploy its Uni-RAN-based, LTE-A-scalable R8884 base station for the
first time.


ZTE is committed to build LTE ecosystem: ZTE India CEO


The Chinese telecom equipment major claims that this is a
significant step for CSL’s LTE network roadmap for the evolution of
next-generation networking.


CSL launched Hong Kong’s first LTE network in 2010, which
currently spans over 90 percent of Hong Kong.


CSL strives to deliver the best user experience to Hong
Kong customers. Combined with our roll-out of the first 4G LTE network in Hong
Kong, ZTE’s innovative solutions will help satisfy the increasing demand for
mobile data, maintaining CSL’s and Hong Kong’s position as leaders in global
telecommunications development,” said Joseph O’Konek, chief executive officer
of CSL.


The deployment of the R8884 will help CSL manage the
increasing demand for network capacity due to the continuing growth in mobile broadband
customers. It will allow the company to run LTE services on both 2600 MHz and
1800 MHz, which enhances LTE coverage for indoor broadband customers in Hong


We’re pleased to have ZTE bring its top-tier LTE network
technology to Hong Kong. This will help us achieve our goal of bringing
innovative technology to clients and creating a richer communications and
entertainment experience for users,” said Tarek Robbiati, group managing
director, Telstra International.


The R8884 is scalable to LTE-A at no cost. CSL will be
able to seamlessly integrate its GSM, UMTS and LTE networks and its network
management tool. This will reduce network maintenance costs and increase
operation efficiency.


The unique geography of Hong Kong makes it one of the
most challenging environments for large-scale network deployment. The
flexibility of the R8884, however, will ensure that CSL’s network becomes more
efficient, creating an improved experience for its customers,” said ZTE CEO Shi


ZTE’s Uni-Ran solutions have been deployed by over 150
operators worldwide. As of the end of December 2011, ZTE had won 30 commercial
LTE contracts, and worked with more than 100 operators to deploy experimental
LTE networks.


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