Hotspot usage to reach 120 billion connects by 2015


The hotspot market continues to surge forward with phenomenal growth in footprint
and usage. Over the past several years, growth in the hotspot market has
largely been driven by wireless and broadband providers embracing Wi-Fi as both
a competitive differentiator, and an enhancement to core services.


This trend will continue as usage will increase to nearly 120 billion connects in
2015, according to In-Stat.


The hotspot market is in a continuous state of flux. Now over a decade old, the
market is still undergoing significant changes in usage and business models,”
said Amy Cravens, senior analyst. Wi-Fi hotspots have become a service used to
attract customers to other product offerings, rather than a standalone
offering. Whether the product is broadband, mobile service, or a cup of coffee,
Wi-Fi is being layered on top of core offerings as a competitive


Hotspots will continue to be a key factor in mobile operators’ data offload strategy.
Worldwide hotspot venues will increase to over 1 million in 2013.


While transportation and convention centers only account for a small percent of
venues, they account for nearly 30 percent of total connects.


Asia Pacific has emerged as the preeminent hotspot market, largely due to recent
renewed investment in venue deployment. Notebooks continue to account for the
majority of connects in the hotspot market; however, the rate of smartphone and
tablet access is increasing rapidly.



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