Huawei conducts LTE-A uplink CoMP trial on LTE networks in Europe and Asia

Telecom Lead Asia:Chinese ICT solutions major Huawei has conducted LTE-A uplink coordinated multi-point (CoMP) trial on several commercial LTE networks in Europe and Asia.Huawei claims that the world’s first LTE uplink CoMP field trial results showed that uplink CoMP can effectively double data rates at cell edges for a single user, improving network performance in terms of coverage, spectrum efficiency and throughput.

The company has been focusing on LTE in a bid to gain market share from telecom equipment suppliers such as Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, etc.

At the 2012 Mobile World Congress, Huawei demonstrated the world’s first LTE-A inter-band carrier aggregation and heterogeneous networks.

The Chinese gear marker focuses on the development of efficient, sustainable and profitable mobile broadband networks that bring people an improved service experience.

“Our No-Edge Network concept utilizes various LTE, LTE-A and innovative future-oriented technologies to realize ultra-broadband, zero-waiting and ubiquitous connectivity. This results in an enhanced experience and brings users the benefits of speed, quality and simplicity,” said Ying Weimin, Huawei President for GSM/UMTS/LTE Networks.

Huawei has secured over 100 commercial LTE/EPC contracts and has launched 45 commercial LTE networks with leading operators worldwide, more than any other network infrastructure provider.

Recently, Huawei completed a multi-mode, LTE to GSM ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relations) interoperability test. The LTE-to-GSM ANR IOT reduces manual configuration for neighbor relations by 90 percent, improve handover success rate, and reduces network management and optimization costs for operators.

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