Huawei Launches Mobile Broadband Solutions at MWC 2012


Telecom Lead:
Huawei has announced that it will launch a new portfolio of solutions, which include
GigaSite solution, Monetize QoE solution and Beyond LTE solution.


The company said that these solutions will enable
operators, enterprises, and consumers to seize the opportunities and address
the challenges ushered in by the new information age.


The GigaSite solution is growing Huawei
SingleRAN, as the throughput of a single site can be on a Giga-bit level
offering multi-mode, multi-sector, and multi-band.


On the other hand, the Monetize QoE
solution enables operators to increase profitability.


The company will launch its Beyond LTE solution,
which is a future-oriented mobile technology that improves network


The company will showcase its ARU that offers
the industry’s largest capacity and is capable of supporting Giga-bit
throughput in one radio unit.


Huawei will also reveal its AtomCell along with
its quad-core devices, including the world’s fastest smartphone, and its
latest tablet, will deliver an enhanced mobile user experience.


In addition, at the Broader Way Forum on February 27,
Huawei will convene leaders and experts from across the industry to explore
opportunities for the future of National Broadband and discuss broadband’s role
as an enabler of social and economic development around the world and how these
positive changes can be accelerated through technological


Recently,  Huawei showcased its full range of LTE devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
2012. These devices include its first LTE smartphone, the Huawei Ascend P1 lte,
LTE modem and LTE router. 

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