Huawei leads commercial network deployment of 4G / LTE 1800MHZ

Telecom Lead India: Huawei leads commercial network deployment of 4G / LTE 1800MHZ, according to GSA.

According to a GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) report called Evolution to LTE, 69 of 156 commercial LTE networks deployed utilize 1800MHz spectrum.

Huawei’s Single RAN LTE solution has been deployed on 41 (59 percent) of these commercial LTE 1800MHz networks in 32 countries

The year-on-year increase was over 331 percent as commercial LTE 1800MHz networks was 16, according to GSA’s 2012 report.

1800 MHz is the most widely used band for LTE deployments globally. LTE1800 serves millions of subscribers (Q4 2012 = 14.27 million) on over 44 percent of commercially launched LTE networks today.

1800 MHz is the prime band for LTE deployments, and will greatly assist international roaming for mobile broadband. Many more operators will launch LTE using 1800 MHz, which is widely available. Mobile licenses for 1800 MHz have been awarded to 350+ operators in nearly 150 countries, according to GSA.


Huawei’s LTE / 4G Wins


In the UK, Huawei’s SingleRAN LTE solution helped one operator allocate 1800MHz frequency resource to its LTE network to provide LTE services and support smooth evolution from GSM to LTE.

In Hong Kong, Huawei’s SingleRAN solution helped one operator upgrade 1,000 GSM 1800MHz base stations to provide LTE services in only six weeks. Following the upgrade, a flawless changeover process took place in few minutes.

In Japan, Huawei helped one operator deploy the world’s first UMTS/LTE 1800MHz commercial network with a streamlined time-to-market UMTS/LTE 1800MHz refarming solution that reused the network’s original UMTS antennas, OSS system and equipment cabinets.

In Singapore, one operator deployed LTE networks with Huawei Single RAN LTE/EPC solution to simultaneously support LTE spectrum bands 1800MHz and 2600MHz to maximize the value of existing spectrum resources.

To date Huawei has won more than 150 LTE commercial contracts and has helped operators launch 77 LTE commercial networks.


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