Huawei, Telkomsel trial Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE based on NFV

Huawei Technologies said Telkomsel, a telecom operator in Indonesia, has demonstrated its 4G convergent communication service trial for Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) based on NFV technology (Network Function Virtualization) in Jakarta.

Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE will enable Indonesia’s 280 million mobile users to experiences HD voice and HD video within the shortest connecting time. When a subscriber switches between 4G and Wi-Fi environment, the call will not be interrupted.

“This Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE trial is part of our efforts to provide better service quality, and will also create an exciting new experience for customers in using our services,” said Ivan Permana, vice president, Technology & System, Telkomsel.
Telkomsel in pact with Huawei
Telkomsel, the #1 telecom operator, has more than 141 million subscribers Indonesia. Telkomsel has built more than 95,000 BTSs. Telkomsel’s broadband now reaches 300 cities. Telkomsel operates a 24-hour call center and more than 400 service centers GraPARI across Indonesia.

Image: Tommy G Tanjung, engineer of Technology Strategy, Telkomsel, Ivan Cahya Permana, VP of Technology and System, Adita Irawati, VP of Corporate Communications, and Zhang Qin, head of Core Network Marketing, Huawei

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