India ranks 14 in mobile broadband readiness index among 17 Asia Pacific nations


India has been ranked 14 in mobile broadband readiness index among 17 Asia
Pacific nations, according to GSMA.

Japan is ranked number one in the index. Singapore (2), Hong Kong (3),
Australia (4) and South Korea (5) are the in top 5.

Below India, countries such as Thailand (15), Pakistan (16) and Bangladesh (17)
are finding place.

While the mobile broadband readiness index 2011 scrore for Japan is 78.7,
India’s score is 20.2.

Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand are above

The inaugural Mobile Broadband Readiness Index (MBRI) indicates that countries
creating an ecosystem conducive to growth in mobile data services have the
potential to make rapid leaps ahead of their peers.

“In 2011 we saw Japan rise up to the top of the index above Singapore,
driven by its early 4G rollout and its pro-innovation environment. Hong Kong
and Vietnam also jumped ahead, demonstrating their strong commitment to
fostering a successful mobile broadband landscape. Different stages of market
evolution will require different strategies to ensure that growth can be
sustained,” said GSMA in a statement.

By 2015 Asia Pacific is expected to account for 40 percent of global data
traffic. Mobile broadband is booming across the Asia Pacific region,
increasingly becoming the standard conduit to access the Internet, partly
driven by rapid 3G network rollouts.

In all developed Asian markets mobile service coverage now stands at over 95
percent while the likes of Malaysia and Indonesia have also achieved population
coverage of over 80 percent.

As a result, the breadth of applications and services delivered over mobile
networks is booming. For example, by 2020 there will be an estimated 5.3
billion M2M connections in Asia Pacific.

Mobile Broadband Readiness Index 2011

1. Japan 78.7

2. Singapore 75.2

3. Hong Kong 71.5

4. Australia 70.8

5. South Korea 66.9

6. New Zealand 61.7

7. Taiwan 57.1

8. Malaysia 48.8

9. Vietnam 35.6

10. Indonesia 33.3

11. China 30.8

12. Sri Lanka 27.4

13. Philippines 25

14. India 20.2

15. Thailand 20

16. Pakistan 9.9

17. Bangladesh

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