Indonesia telecoms network performance improves

The latest Opensignal report analysed the download speed and overall experience of phone customers on 4G mobile network operators such as Telkomsel, 3, XL, Smartfren and Indosat in Indonesia.
Net1 Indonesia 4G
Telkomsel is leading in video experience, voice app experience, download speed experience, upload speed experience, 4G coverage and latency experience. Smartfren is the leader in 4G availability.

Telkomsel’s upload score increased 46 percent, while its users’ download speed rose 23 percent. Indosat’s upload score grew by nearly 37 percent. 3’s users’ upload speed accelerated by over 26 percent.

Smartfren achieved 4G Availability score of 96.4 percent. Indonesia now boasts at least 86 percent 4G Availability across all networks, with Smartfren and 3 scoring over 90 percent, according to Opensignal.

Telkomsel scored just over 77 (out of 100) in Voice App Experience, giving it an Acceptable rating. All the other four operators landed in our Poor ranking, meaning calls will be marred by frequent distortion, clicking sounds or low volume.

Telkomsel’s Video Experience score increased 4.5 points to move into Good rating. Indosat’s Video Experience score jumped nearly 7 points to join 3 and XL in Fair ranking. Smartfren did not improve, meaning its users still suffer a Poor Video Experience.

Opensignal analyzed the mobile network experience for Indonesian users – of 3, Indosat, Smartfren, Telkomsel and XL — over the 90 days from the start of August.

Download speed of mobile data networks has increased in the case of all five operators — with double-digit percentage increases for four of them.

Telkomsel remains well ahead of its rivals in 4G Download Speed Experience. Telkomsel users on its network experienced 4G download speeds over 3 Mbps faster than users on its rival XL’s network.