Infiniti Broadband to invest in LTE network in rural markets

Infiniti Broadband has decided to make investment in LTE network in small cities and rural areas.

The company has selected Huawei’s LTE-TDD solutions that include radios, network power capabilities, routers, switches and customer premises equipment (CPE) for the new 4G network.

Huawei, a telecom network vendor based in China, will start deploying its LTE solutions in five selected test markets in April-May 2016, and deployments are expected to be completed by mid-year.

“We evaluated several vendors based on innovation, support and cost. We have seen first-hand Huawei’s ability to develop and produce cutting edge technology and deliver top notch technical expertise during implementation,” said Johnie Johnson, president and CEO of Infiniti Broadband.

Main competitors of Huawei include Ericsson, Nokia and ZTE.

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