IPWireless unveils new LTE products to address government broadband network

IPWireless, a provider of 3G and 4G LTE wireless broadband network solutions for federal, state and local government applications, announced its new end-to-end LTE product portfolio. 

The company’s portfolio includes scalable Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solutions, the EPC200 and EPC3000, the next evolution of its base station product, the V6 LTE eNodeB and end user devices for Band 14 and other global LTE spectrum bands.

Building on IPWireless’ unique experience designing and developing government networks, the end-to-end LTE platform delivers the scalability, redundancy and flexibility necessary to rapidly deploy 4G mobile broadband networks across a range of spectrum bands including the 700MHz frequency, the spectrum earmarked for public safety in the United States.

IPWireless’ EPC products are highly scalable and can work in numerous scenarios. The EPC3000 is designed to support small-to-large local and regional networks, and scales as government agencies needs evolve to support large state-wide network deployments and ultimately, an interoperable national public safety network.

The EPC200 is designed to support single cell deployments for military applications, private compounds or disaster response. Both LTE core products are fully interoperable with other LTE networks using standardized 3GPP interfaces.

In addition to supporting IPWireless’ V5 eNodeB, IPWireless’ EPC products support the next evolution of IPWireless’ eNodeB base station, the V6, which integrates a new digital and radio frequency card, supporting LTE Release 8 and is software upgradable to Release 9.

The V6 LTE Base Station’s compact and fully environmentally hardened form factor provides the ultimate in flexibility,
allowing outdoor deployment at the tower top or building rooftop, at the base of a tower, or in an equipment room, shelter or outdoor cabinet. It is also ideally suited to rapid deployment disaster response networks and military
tactical deployments.

We are dedicated to helping government agencies maximize their spectrum assets especially during these challenging economic times,” said Bill Jones, CEO of IPWireless.

Our LTE solutions provide the performance, scalability and flexibility government agencies require so they can deploy mobile broadband networks more easily and with less operational overhead than is traditionally associated with network build outs,” Jones added.

IPWireless’ LTE infrastructure product portfolio is part of the company’s end-to-end solution for 4G mobile broadband networks. The company also offers LTE modem devices, including PCI Express Mini cards and USB sticks that support band 14 (public safety and D-block) in 700 MHz as well as a wide range of commercial bands.

These LTE modems can be supplied with other specialized public safety user devices, including devices that are backwards compatible to 3G commercial networks.

An IPWireless Band Class 14 LTE USB modem is currently being tested on the LTE emergency communications demonstration network in Boulder, CO.

IPWireless end-to-end LTE solution will be utilized by Adams County, CO for their Public Safety Network in 700MHz. The public safety network, one of the first in the country to be deployed in 700MHz, will be integrated and deployed by IPWireless’ system integrator partner, Raytheon Corporation, and is an important step towards the deployment of a national public safety broadband network.

The single integrated 700 MHz LTE network will provide the county’s Police, Fire and EMS first responder agencies with a dedicated wireless broadband network that enhances public safety and improves citywide data communications, while lowering overall communication costs. 

After our extensive review of potential LTE solutions for the Adams County 700MHz LTE network, it was clear that IPWireless had leveraged its experience and expertise in government mobile broadband and 3GPP technologies to develop an LTE solution that better meets the unique needs of government customers,” said Bill Malone, Executive Director Adams County Communications.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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