Kazakhtelecom deploys A10 Networks solutions

Kazakhtelecom, the leading telecommunications operator in Kazakhstan, has partnered with A10 Networks to ensure a secure and consistent experience for businesses and consumers. Together, they are working towards delivering reliable services to their subscribers.
Kazakhstan mobile networkTo achieve this, Kazakhtelecom has launched two cloud nodes using an Open Stack architecture in the major cities of Kazakhstan. The first node caters to 384,000 broadband subscribers, while the second serves 80,000 subscribers. These cloud nodes offer a versatile infrastructure for deploying virtual network functions (VNFs), providing several advantages such as quick deployment, scalability, high fault tolerance, and the freedom to choose from different manufacturers. Automating the operation of all VNFs enhances the quality of services for customers.

In addition, Kazakhtelecom has ventured into the information security market and established a Security Operation Center. A key component of this center is the DDoS attack protection system, developed in collaboration with A10 Networks. The A10 Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) serves as the backbone, analyzing incoming internet traffic, detecting anomalies and DDoS attacks, and blocking or clearing illegitimate traffic. This system enables Kazakhtelecom JSC to safeguard up to 500 IP address zones and process approximately 2 Tbps of traffic.

As the availability of IPv4 addresses becomes increasingly scarce, telecom operators face challenges in accommodating their growing subscriber base. While IPv6 presents a solution, the majority of the internet still relies on IPv4. Transitioning to IPv6 comes with its own set of challenges and costs. To address this, network address translation (NAT) technologies serve as a short-term solution, allowing multiple hosts to connect behind a single public address without the need for more expensive IPv4 addresses.

Recognizing the economic benefits, Kazakhtelecom has implemented A10 Thunder Carrier-Grade Networking (CGN) in the cities of Almaty and Astana, where a significant number of its internet users are concentrated. The operator quickly observed the advantages of Thunder CGN compared to acquiring new IPv4 addresses. Kazakhtelecom aims to expand the deployment of Thunder CGN to other network locations.

Nurlan Meirmanov, Chief Innovation Officer at Kazakhtelecom, expressed his confidence in A10 Networks as a valued partner and collaborative force in their network transformation journey. He emphasized the importance of protecting the resources of Kazakhtelecom and its customers from network attacks through their robust anti-DDoS system.