KT conducts industry’s first eMTC field trial on LTE network

Telecom network operator KT recently conducted the industry’s first eMTC or LTE-M field trial on LTE network using Nokia’s Flexi Multiradio 10 base station.

eMTC utilized 1.4MHz of the 20 MHz LTE system, leaving the remaining spectrum free for normal LTE traffic.

The trial marks an important milestone for the Internet of Things, allowing for coexistence with the existing LTE network as well as providing extended coverage, said Nokia.

eMTC or LTE-M with 1.4MHz bandwidth, is the first evolution step of LTE-Advanced to LTE-Advanced Pro. eMTC will provide data rates of up to 1Mbps and up to four times better coverage, while reducing device complexity by up to 80 percent, in comparison to conventional LTE.

“This trial offers a solid platform to promote the widespread application of services powered by IoT technology by addressing limitations that are hampering its spread and reach. Together with Nokia, we will play a pivotal role in pioneering the emergence of IoT as the first-choice technology in Korea and beyond,” said Chang Seok Seo, head of Network Strategy Unit at KT.

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