LG U+ LTE-Advanced goes live with Ericsson

LG U+ has launched LTE-Advanced service on carrier aggregation with Ericsson on July 18, 2013.

LG U+ now provides up to 150 Mbps data services over its commercial LTE network.

Ericsson will sustain and enhance the technology leadership while leading future deployment of LTE-Advanced.

SK Telecom, main rival of LG U+, has already launched LTE-Advanced service in Korea. ( SK Telecom to deploy 32,000 base stations for LTE-Advanced )

LG U+ is well behind SK Telecom. As of the end of June 2013, SK Telecom secured more than 11 million LTE subscribers, which accounts for more than 40 percent of its total mobile subscriber base.


SK Telecom has achieved around 300,000 LTE-Advanced subscribers within a month after launching the service on June 26, 2013 for the first time in the world.

LG U+ supports 150Mbps throughput – twice and 10 times the speed of LTE and 3G services, respectively, and faster than fixed broadband line (100Mbps) by 50Mbps.

LG U+ can support voice and data both on LTE-A network with upgraded data speeds and service quality. LG U+ has completed early commercial launch of LTE-A by conducting network integration test through Carrier Aggregation (CA) software upgrade.

For LTE network deployment of LG U+, Ericsson has supplied Evolved Packet Core network and radio base stations and integrated new software for LTE-A service.

Jan Signell, head of Region North East Asia, Ericsson, said: “We will not only bolster our partnership with LG U+ but also contribute to the future technology development to lead the Beyond 4G era as well as LTE-A market in the region.” ( Ericsson market share )

Meanwhile, both Ericsson and LG U+ have agreed to jointly develop LTE-A and post LTE-A technology such as coordination functions between cells to enhance throughput by minimizing inter-node interference, inter-cell interference control technology.

The tie up is expected to expand small cell coverage through coordination between macro and small base stations, and soft cell related technology to enhance data quality and speed by separating nodes for controlling signal and actual traffic data.

Besides LG U+, Ericsson has an association with SK Telecom for developing LTE-Advanced technologies.

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