LTE / 4G service provider Packet One Networks Malaysia announces strategies for 2013

Telecom Lead Asia: Malaysia’s first 4G service provider, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) announced its strategies for 2013.

P1 will focus on three areas in 2013.

First, it will expand and enhance 4G coverage and rolling out TD-LTE.

Michael Lai, chief executive officer of P1

Second, it aims to support and help mobilize local business community, especially SMEs, to fully tap into the convergence of ICT.

P1 will also continue to bring innovative services using 4G, Fiber, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and Wireless Internet Leased Line to benefit both consumers and businesses.

According to IDC, smart mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, eReaders), will grow by almost 20 percent in 2013 and generate nearly 57 percent of the industry’s overall growth. While for mobile, broadband’s applications, it will continue to take advantage and push the limits of 4G network and devices.

In 2012, P1 surpassed the half a million subscriber base mark.

Michael Lai, chief executive officer of P1 says next year will be an interesting and significant year, as we will see the next generation 4G technology both Time-Division (TD) and Frequency-Division (FD) Long-Term-Evolution gear up momentum.

P1 will see an active movement for 4G LTE’s DNA (Device, Network and Application). Additionally, 4G-enabled smart devices will start making inroads from the second half of 2013 and small screen will continue to dominate the mobile broadband space.

Secondly, “co-opetition” among operators will become even stronger due to the scarcity of spectrum. For operators to fully tap into the true potential of 4G LTE, spectrum will be key. For instance, you need at least 40MHz of spectrum to fully tap into the technology potential of LTE-Advanced which offers 1Gbps speed.

“Hence, without the luxury of unlimited spectrum, many operators would have to join forces to face the onslaught of what I called the perpetual data tsunami,” said Michael Lai, chief executive officer of P1.

Thirdly Cloud, M2M (Man-to-Man, Man-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine) and MobileApps services are poised to take-off in the new 4G world. All the above mentioned have been talked about but have yet to showcase its full potential due to one main reason: ubiquity of high-speed mobile broadband. With the launch of 4G LTE, it will truly bring the benefits of Cloud, M2M and MobileApps services to life.

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