LTE subscriptions in Pakistan to reach 6.6 million in 2019: Ovum

The number of LTE subscriptions in Pakistan will reach about 6.6 million in 2019, said Ovum. The adoption of 4G will be more modest than for 3G for the foreseeable future.

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Ovum said the number of WCDMA subscriptions in Pakistan will overtake GSM subscriptions by 2019, and there will be 103.4 million WCDMA subscriptions in 2019, representing about 58 percent of the mobile market.

Pakistan scored low in mobile broadband infrastructure despite high use by subscribers, said a study sponsored by Nokia.

The country scored 2.09 out of 10, ranking 25 out of the 26 developing telecom markets in mobile broadband connectivity.

Connectivity Scorecard 2013 considered criteria such as consumer infrastructure, consumer usage and skills, business infrastructure and business usage and skills, public sector infrastructure and public sector usage and skills for measuring the score.

PTA chairman Syed Ismail Shah

The study was presented at a conference on Connected Pakistan – 3G, 4G Perspectives.

Speaking at the conference, Syed Ismail Shah, chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), said: “Pakistan government is committed to enabling the operators to take the mobile broadband subscription base to a new high.”

Pix source: Tribune Pak