LTE will dominate wireless infrastructure budgets by 2013


By Telecom Lead Team:
Global spending on LTE technology is set to reach $24.3 billion in 2013, nearly
three times as much as the $8.7 billion figure expected for this year,
according to IHS iSuppli.

The report further
predicted that LTE infrastructure spending in 2015 will rise to $36.1 billion,
which will be four times more than 3.5G spending.


In 2013, 3.5G
infrastructure technology will generate $19.8 billion in revenue, and is
expected to be overtaken by LTE due to the rapid growth.


The number of mobile
network operators that are trialing, deploying or commercially operating 4G LTE
networks has grown to about 200 worldwide, up from 160 in 2010. Such support
will drive carrier spending on LTE to surpass 3.5G by next year.


The budgets of
wireless providers building out these wireless infrastructures will increase
due to good 4G LTE coverage and increased usage.


While 3.5G remains
the dominant air interface technology in the mobile infrastructure market, the
4G LTE space has been gaining momentum. This trend started in the second half
of 2009 when some wireless operators in Europe, North America, Japan and South
Korea started to deploy LTE technology,” said Jagdish Rebello, director
and principal analyst for communications and consumer electronics at IHS


The IHS said that the vendors that will win in the transition to
4G will be those that can demonstrate cost-effective, upgradable solutions
capable of delivering performance as defined by the LTE specifications.


Research and Markets claimed in its report that LTE mobile broadband price will
fall substantially over the 5-year period to the end of 2016.

LTE Mobile Broadband
pricing will decline as more operators adopt the technology worldwide. As of
the end of 2011 around 60 percent of commercial LTE services have been launched
so far in Europe. 


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