Mavenir Systems launches Virtualized IMS Solutions for 4G core networks

Telecom Lead America: Mavenir Systems announced the launch of Virtualized IMS Solutions for 4G core networks, including VoLTE & RCS 5, based on the mOne Convergence Platform.

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Mavenir’s Automated mCloud Manager and VMware’s virtualization technology allow management of telco grade service availability.

Its virtualized IMS solutions can be flexibly deployed to meet business needs such as multi-tenancy and capacity elasticity.

Mavenir claims that leading Tier-1 operators in Europe are rolling out Mavenir’s Virtualized IMS technology as part of their VoLTE / IMS rollouts.

Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO Mavenir Systems

Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO Mavenir Systems, says its virtualization technology provides the capacity and elasticity to cost-effectively manage the anticipated growth in VoLTE and RCS.

In addition, Mavenir’s mOne Convergence Platform uses standard APIs to provision additional hardware resources in response to spikes in traffic.

These software-based core networks provide mobile operators with a deployment model that leverages the economic benefits of cloud infrastructure, and enables them to add new communications services and scale.

Telecom industry analysts say IMS virtualization is an opportunity to capture the efficiency gains associated with commercial hardware and, even more importantly, to create a forward-looking core network architecture that can be configured in software to better fit different customer types, use-cases and scaling scenarios.

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