Micrel unveils integrated IEEE 1588v2 over Ethernet solution for industrial Ethernet

Micrel announced the launch of the KSZ84xx family of IEEE
1588v2-enabled Ethernet devices for Industrial Ethernet and Power Substation
Automation applications.


The solution employs Micrel’s EtherSynch technology,
which integrates IEEE 1588v2 distributed synchronization, Ethernet switching,
and Precision GPIO in an energy efficient, compact package. The ICs are
currently sampling with volume production expected in the first quarter of


The KSZ84xx platform is the most compact, highly
integrated, and energy efficient IEEE 1588v2 10/100 switch available,
supporting both centralized and distributed network topologies.


A full complement of Precise Timing Protocol timing modes
are provided, including the Transparent Clock (TC) introduced in IEEE 1588v2,
along with a range of host interfaces capable of interfacing to a wide range of


The KSZ84xx switches are particularly well-suited for
distributed network topologies which are preferred for Industrial Ethernet
networks. The ICs feature a hardware-oriented architecture that reduces the
synchronization and communications processing demands on the Host CPU.


Such features as Source Addressing, One-Step TC
corrections, and Bypass mode facilitate both Ring and Linear topologies. By
integrating the IEEE 1588 PTPv2 time stamping as close to the physical layer as
possible, sub-100ns synchronization performance has been demonstrated.


The KSZ84xx product family consists of: KSZ8463: IEEE
1588v2, 3-port switch with MII/RMII interface, KSX8462: IEEE 1588v2, 3-port
switch with generic host interface and KSX8441: IEEE 1588v2, Controller with
generic host interface.


Micrel also intends to offer a pre-qualified Precise Timing Protocol software stack, which has been integrated
with the driver and optimized to exploit the KSZ84xx architecture. Source code
is available under license. Please contact your local sales representative for
more information.


“The KSZ84xx is a cost-effective solution for implementing Industrial Ethernet networks, reducing size and power consumption
vs. FPGA-based designs,” said J.C. Lin, vice president Micrel Ethernet.
“Such a high level of integration reduces costs, making IEEE
1588v2/Ethernet a viable contender for FieldBus applications by replacing
point-to-point serial interconnects.”


Like all of Micrel’s LAN Solution products, the KSZ84xx
significantly reduces operational power consumption, which is less than 300 mW.
Advanced power management features complement the inherently low-power Physical
Layer design, including Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE-IEEE 802.3az), Wake on
LAN (WoL), Energy Detect Power Down (EDPD), and software power down.


Standby power savings of over 95 percent are achievable,
rendering the new platform the lowest power, most energy-efficient IEEE
1588v2/Ethernet solution available.


Micrel recently launched a new family of pre-bias safe, fully integrated buck regulators
targeting the 5V and 3.3V rails. The MIC22705 can supply a maximum output load
current of 7A, while the MIC22405 and MIC22205 can handle up to 4A and 2A


These buck regulators achieve more than 95 percent
efficiency while switching at high frequencies, utilizing very small external
components. Applications such as servers, routers, 4G/LTE base stations,
Blu-ray players, computer peripherals and FPGA/ASIC voltage supply can take
advantage of this family of buck regulators. The MIC22705, MIC22405 and
MIC22205 are available in volume quantities with pricing starting at $2.20,
$1.53 and $0.83 respectively, for 1K units.



By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]