Mindspeed launches TD-SCDMA small cells for enterprise and public access

Telecom Lead India: Mindspeed Technologies has launched
the industry’s first product for enterprise and public access TD-SCDMA small

The TD-SCDMA small cells combine Mindspeed’s Comcerto C1000
CPE processor and PC205 baseband with the PC8818 software.

The company claims that the new 16-user reference design
will provide small cell coverage to the world’s largest mobile market.

Mindspeed, a system-on-chip (SoC) company to offer TD-SCDMA
small cell solutions, has seven customers in China.

We are the first and only company to support this massive
market with an SoC solution, and have seven customers using our TD-SCDMA
solution. Beyond 3G, we are the only company to have demonstrated both LTE FDD
and TD-LTE for small cells, and we are working on dual-mode combining TD-LTE
and TD-SCDMA,” said Yingbo Jiang, vice president and general manager of China’s
wireless business unit, at Mindspeed.

Recently, Mindspeed has acquired Picochip. The new reference
design reflects the synergies of the two companies’ products. PC205 baseband
processor and the C1000 CPE processor are working together on the PC8818
software stack for 16-user systems.

China Mobile is the biggest operator in the world with
almost one billion subscribers. Small cells are the only way to provide
coverage and capacity to this many people, particularly in dense urban areas
and this makes the new reference design from Mindspeed very important to the
Chinese market,” said Yang Hua, secretary-general, TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance

Mindspeed’s previously announced TD-SCDMA customers include
Digimoc Telecom Technology (Shanghai), Bravo Tech and FemTel Communications.

For WCDMA technology, Mindspeed has more than 30
customers with commercial products shipping to more than a dozen carriers.

According to ABI Research, the company has more than 70
percent market share. In addition, Mindspeed has won nearly 30 customer designs
for its Transcede LTE small cells platform, supporting both LTE FDD and TD-LTE.

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