Mobile data bandwidth usage grew 77 percent in H1 2011

Mobile data bandwidth usage grew 77 percent during the first half of 2011, according to data collected from Allot’s worldwide mobile operator customers.  

The H1 2011 Allot MobileTrends Report found that video streaming continued to show significant growth with a 93 percent increase, and remains the single largest application taking up bandwidth, accounting for 39 percent of mobile bandwidth.

Although having limited impact on the total bandwidth, VoIP and IM have gained share to become the fastest growing application type with a 101 percent increase. This data is in line with the declining SMS/MMS revenue experienced by operators.

The H1 2011 Allot MobileTrends Report for the first time takes a closer look at trends in charging models among worldwide operators based on survey information gathered from over fifty worldwide mobile operators.

The findings reveal that a growing number of operators are implementing application-aware charging models and most operators no longer offer ‘unlimited’ data plans.

YouTube remains the single most popular mobile Internet destination, accounting for 22 percent of mobile data bandwidth usage and 52 percent of total video streaming.

Apple’s App Store generates 84 percent of overall app store download traffic, while Google’s Android Market accounts for 13 percent. Skype continues as the undisputed VoIP market leader with 82 percent of mobile VoIP bandwidth, although its market share has been slightly reduced by newcomers such as Viber.

Twitter and Facebook grew by 297 percent and 166 percent, respectively and 32 percent of the mobile operators surveyed worldwide have already implemented application-aware charging models.

OTT applications continue to shift the balance of power from the operators to the content and app providers,” said Rami Hadar, president and CEO of Allot Communications.

This presents a real challenge for survival to which operators have already begun to respond. We are seeing operators taking the opportunity to evolve their service plans, away from unlimited and towards application-aware models, in order to meet this challenge,” Hadar added.

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