Mobile Internet speed is slow in India than Pakistan and Nepal: Ookla

India ranked behind its neighbours Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal at 128th spot in mobile Internet speed for September 2019, according to a report by broadband speed analysis firm Ookla.
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India is far ahead of its South Asian neighbours at 72nd place in fixed-line broadband speed during September, PTI reported.

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index found global average download speed of 29.5 megabit per second and upload speed of 11.34 mbps. South Korea topped the global chart with download speed of 95.11 mbps and upload speed of 17.55 mbps in mobile network. It found download speed of 11.18 mbps and upload speed of 4.38 mbps in India.

Airtel was the fastest mobile operator in 11 of India’s largest cities and tied with Jio in a 12th during second and third quarters 2019. Airtel’s highest Speed Score was measured in Nagpur. Vodafone was the fastest mobile operator in two cities and Idea in one.

Sri Lanka led the South Asian countries at 81st spot in mobile network with a download speed of 22.53 mbps and upload speed of 10.59 mbps. Pakistan was ranked 112th with a download speed of 14.38 mbps and upload speed of 10.32 mbps. Nepal was ranked 119th.

While India lagged in mobile Internet download speed, the 4G network availability in the country was far higher at 87.9 percent compared to Pakistan and Bangladesh with 58.9 and 58.7 percent 4G availability in the second and the third quarter of 2019.

Reliance Jio led 4G Availability with 99.1 percent in the second and third quarter 2019. Airtel came in second with 94.9 percent, followed by Idea at 87.5 percent) and Vodafone at 85.2 percent.

The global fixed line download speed was 69.1 mbps and upload speed was 36.52 mbps in September. Singapore topped the global fixed line broadband chart with download speed of 196.88 mbps and upload speed of 203.31 mbps.

India led the South Asia countries list at 72nd position with an average download speed of 34.07 mbps and 31.24 mbps upload speed.

Reliance Jio was the fastest provider for fixed broadband in five of India’s largest cities during second and third quarter 2019. ACT was the fastest in four and tied in a fifth. Hathway showed the highest Speed Score on fixed broadband in Chennai during Q2-Q3 of 2019. ACT Fibernet had the highest Speed Score in Jaipur and Lucknow.

Bhutan was ranked 82nd position, Sri Lanka 84th, Nepal 105th and Pakistan at 159th position in fixed broadband market.