Mobile network experience of Airtel, BSNL, Jio and Vi customers

Opensignal has published its latest report revealing the mobile network experience of the smartphone customers of four main operators in India: Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Jio and Vi.
Smartphone customers on 4G networkAirtel customers had the best Games Experience. Airtel received a score of 55.6 out of 100 in Games Experience. This measure of the mobile experience analyzes how the multiplayer mobile Games Experience is affected by mobile network conditions including latency, packet loss and jitter to determine the impact on gameplay.

Airtel customers had the best Video Experience. Airtel was the only mobile operator to place in the Good (55-65) category in video experience. Its lead over the second-placed operator — Vi in this report and Vodafone in our previous one — rose from 2.4 points to 3.4 points despite the challenges faced by all operators in 2020.

Jio smartphone customers had the best 4G Availability and the 4G Coverage Experience in India. Airtel has continued to chip away at its dominance on both measures of the mobile experience.

Airtel customers had the best Internet Download Speed Experience. Airtel has scored 10.4 Mbps in Download Speed Experience. Vi customers observed average download speeds that were only 0.3 Mbps below those seen by their counterparts on Airtel.

Vi customers had the best Internet Upload Speed Experience. Vi scored 3.5 Mbps in Upload Speed Experience.

Regional highlights:

In terms of Games Experience, Airtel won outright in 22 cities, tied with both Vi and Jio in five cities and tied with Vi in four other cities.

Airtel dominated the regional Video Experience. Airtel users observed a Good Video Experience in 31 cities and a superior — Very Good — Video Experience in seven cities that include Tier 2 cities like Coimbatore (65.9), Vadodara (66.6) and Dhanbad (66.8). A Very Good Video Experience means generally fast loading times and only occasional stalling while streaming videos online on a smartphone.

Airtel and Vi come neck-and-neck in 11 cities for Download Speed Experience and five for Upload Speed Experience.

Airtel users in Hyderabad clocked the fastest regional Download Speed Experience of 14.5 Mbps — almost 40 percent faster than the national average.

Airtel won the majority of regional Voice App Experience awards, despite the competition in this category. Ahmedabad and Vadodara users were the only ones to have perceived a Good Voice App Experience, on average, which means many users were satisfied, and only some users experienced minor quality impairments while using OTT Voice App services.

Meanwhile, India placed joint 96th overall for Excellent Consistent Quality, with a result of 46.6 percent. India placed 104th overall for Core consistent Quality, with a result of 76.5 percent. Finally, India placed 116th for median download speed at 7.63 Mbps, says Tutela report.

Norway leads the way in Tutela’s new 2020 Global Mobile Experience Report, with the highest Excellent Consistent Quality at 89.6 percent.