Motorola Solutions leads global public safety LTE market with 46% market share

Motorola Solutions is leading public safety LTE market, with 2011
revenues of over $112 million and almost 50 percent market share.

By 2015 the company is forecasting revenues of $307 million. The company
is currently working in partnership with Verizon Wireless, and it will
encourage implementation and deployment of LTE networks for commercial use,
which are also accessible to the public.


Asia Pacific will continue to lead the public safety LTE industry — the
region already accounts for more subscribers than the US — with a 2015 share
of 42.1 percent

Security and precedence of public safety communications over LTE
networks will be assured by the use of Mobile VPN (MVPN) and QoS

More than 4.26 million personnel working in the public safety arena will
be using LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless broadband technology by 2015.
According to a new report available on. LTE has many applications in the public safety market, particularly those which
are data intensive.

Wireless broadband LTE has proven to offer distinct advantages for the
public safety sector, supporting applications such as biometric identification,
mobile crime scene/incident units, number plate recognition, video
surveillance, GIS and vehicle location, amongst others.

Examples of devices which operate using LTE and are deployed by public
safety organizations include USB dongles, unmanned devices, mobile modems
(in-vehicle) and handheld terminals.

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