Motorola Solutions Showcases Live LTE Network in Philadelphia

Motorola Solutions demonstrated its Long Term Evolution (LTE) solutions for public safety at the Philadelphia Police Academy for representatives of the city of Philadelphia and the public safety community in the region.


Attendees experienced the latest technology advancements in Public Safety LTE, including dynamic prioritization and intelligent mobile video streaming, all live over the air on devices operating in the Public Safety Spectrum Trust (PSST) band.


Demonstrated at the event was the ability for LTE to deliver rich multimedia content to mobile public safety professionals. Software applications demonstrated the ability to dynamically prioritize and adjust multimedia content to ensure the most critical data has the bandwidth it needs.


Motorola demonstrated priority access over standards based LTE when viewing multiple video streams. Public safety demands the ability to modify priority access of users based on applications, events and roles in real time to maximize the use of information when responding to major events or day-to-day tasks.


Motorola’s standards compliant LTE solution for public safety provides a scalable, secure and proven LTE environment to deliver high quality multimedia services to public safety.


Motorola’s Next Generation Public Safety platform will interoperate mission critical voice and data. It will enable broadband multimedia services and advanced applications. Motorola’s solutions offer public safety a long awaited advancement in technology with a wide array of devices, from rugged in-vehicle workstations to innovative public safety handheld devices.


When users travel beyond the coverage of the Motorola Public Safety LTE network, they will be able to leverage the Motorola-Verizon Wireless alliance.


The industry’s first and only such alliance enables secure roaming and interoperability into the nationwide carrier networks from Verizon Wireless, which will provide ubiquitous coverage and connectivity to officers’ home departments and nationwide agencies.


We have spoken to more than 200 customers around the country about the best way to bring next generation communications to public safety since we first demonstrated live LTE transmissions over 700MHz LTE public safety spectrum in 2008,” said Rishi Bhaskar, MSSI vice president, Motorola Solutions.


Today’s demonstration shows our commitment to our customers as the market evolves. Motorola believes these new technologies will provide increased situational awareness for users in the field and in command centers through a variety of devices, leveraging the capabilities of broadband networks for both mission critical voice and data,” Bhaskar added.

Motorola Solutions is a provider of mission-critical communication products and services for enterprise and government customers.



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