Net1 Indonesia reveals its rural Internet strategy

Net1 is aiming to offer internet connections on its 4G LTE network running at 450 MHz spectrum frequency — in rural areas of Indonesia.
Net1 team
The company said on Friday that currently 73 percent of villages/sub-lower districts have internet connection on 3G technology according to data from the ministry. LTE 4G network reached only 55 percent.

The government is targeting to provide 3G-based internet for more than 83,000 villages by 2019. The government aims to cover 514 districts/cities by 4G LTE network. So far, only 64% of them have access to 4G LTE.

“Net1 4G LTE network running at 450 MHz frequency is perfect for rural area geographic character. The characteristic of low-frequency is not pursuing the access speed, but covering the larger area,” said Larry Ridwan, CEO of Net1 Indonesia.
Larry Ridwan CEO Net1 Indonesia
Net1 Indonesia can serve the markets or areas that geographically are difficult to reach and economically are costly by other operators. Most of 450 MHz 4G LTE operators in other countries also operate in special areas, such as suburban and rural areas or targeting a very segmented market, such as corporations (mining, plantation, fishery), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and others.

Net1 4G LTE Network at 450MHz is able to reach 50-60 Km, even up to 100 Km, from a base transceiver station (BTS).

Net1 Indonesia can reduce the investment of building 4G LTE network for rural areas more efficiently and effectively. Investment can be pushed much lower.

Net1 has already deployed 4G LTE network service in 19 Provinces covering 306 districts / cities consisting of 25,279 villages. Net1 Indonesia has reached 126,299,415 populations in Indonesia.