NetLogic Microsystems receives orders for processors for LTE base stations

NetLogic Microsystems announced it received, and is now accepting orders for volume
production for its best-in-class XLP316L multi-core, multi-threaded processors
from customers developing next-generation LTE base stations.

NetLogic Microsystems’ XLP316L multi-core processor delivers unparalleled performance
and sets a new standard for Tier One OEMs developing highly differentiated
eNodeB solutions for LTE and LTE-Advanced.


The XLP316L multi-core processor integrates
16 high-performance NXCPUs and an innovative quad-issue, quad-threaded
processor architecture with superscalar out-of-order execution capabilities to
deliver the industry’s highest performance Layers 2-7 processing for mobile
wireless infrastructure.

In addition, the XLP316L processor offers a number of base station-specific features that
make it ideally suited to LTE applications, such as an advanced floating point
unit (FPU), Kasumi and SNOW3G security protocol acceleration and a low-latency
Serial RapidIO (SRIO) interface.

The receipt of orders for volume production from our leading customers for the XLP316L
processor, just months after its announcement, is a testament to the compelling
benefits of the product and to its success in addressing the critical
requirements of advanced LTE networks,” said Chris O’Reilly, vice president of
marketing for NetLogic Microsystems.

Through outstanding execution, we have accelerated the delivery of this product to the
market at a time when the deployment of LTE infrastructure is gaining momentum
worldwide. With highly differentiated performance and feature sets, our XLP
processor product family is having tremendous design win success throughout
wireless infrastructure, including common platform base stations, service
gateways and equipment targeted at the mobile packet core,” O’Reilly added.

The industry migration from 3G WCDMA and HSPA+ mobile wireless technologies to 4G LTE and
LTE-Advanced protocols requires at least a 10X increase in the performance of
next-generation base stations to enable significantly greater bandwidth and
faster download speeds.

The XLP316L multi-core processor is suited for this application, offering unparalleled
performance of up to 20 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) and 30 million packets-per-second
(Mpps) for converged data plane and control plane processing, all within a low
power profile, enabled in part by its development on the advanced 40 nanometer
process technology.


The XLP316L multi-core, multi-threaded processor features NetLogic Microsystems’
high-speed, low-latency Enhanced Fast Messaging Network to enable efficient,
high-bandwidth communication among the 16 NXCPUs and to support billions of
in-flight messages and packet descriptors between all on-chip elements. The XLP316L
processor also offers a unique tri-level cache architecture with more than 6
Megabytes of fully coherent on-chip cache, which deliver 40 Terabits per second
(Tbps) of extremely high-speed on-chip memory bandwidth, as well as a 72-bit
DDR3 interconnect that yields more than 100 Gbps of off-chip memory bandwidth.



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