NetUP announces Android IPTV

NetUP announced that it developed an Android-based IPTV solution. An important part of the solution is, an application installed on Android-based devices such as IP set-top boxes.

The new handy graphical user interface has been developed to allow users to enjoy all IPTV services: TV channels with pause and rewind options, Video on Demand (VoD), Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and many others. Users can also take advantage of all Android features. The application can be launched on any Android-based IP set-top box.

The advantages of Android-based IP set-top boxes with NetUP application include: very fast and responsive GUI with animations and effects; access to all Android features and thousands of applications; Web browsing, social networking, gaming, YouTube, Skype, Google Maps and others.

Android is a multitasking operating system. It is able to run several applications at once and switch between them. Cost-effective IP set-top box with high performance: 1Ghz CPU, 512RAM, 2GB Flash. Android is a rapidly developing operating system. Updates improve the system and add new features. 

Android-based IP set-top boxes are built on ARM architecture with hardware graphics acceleration. Due to this they have higher performance compared to classical IP STBs. There is an option to connect additional USB devices to the IP STB.

By Team
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