Network Instruments launches in-depth IPTV performance monitoring

Telecom Lead Team:
Network Instruments, a global provider of
network and application performance monitoring, announced that its Observer
performance management platform now provides in-depth tracking and analysis of
Internet Protocol television (IPTV) video applications.

features have been added to facilitate the sharing of Observer data and
analysis between IT teams, provide in-depth NFS transaction monitoring, and
enhance GigaStor’s security investigation capabilities.

Observer platform supports the monitoring of multicast and unicast IPTV video
streams in the context of overall network traffic. Teams can track critical
performance metrics including Media Delivery Index (MDI), jitter, latency, and
packet loss; alarm on specific IPTV errors, and they can also reconstruct and
replay IPTV video transmissions.

streamline the process of sharing critical data and analysis between IT teams,
the new ORS Open Access feature allows graphs, reports, and metrics from ORS to
be embedded into third-party monitoring platforms, such as a Manager of
Managers (MOM) or Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) solutions. In
addition, external platforms can obtain raw data from ORS and apply new

multitude of tools that IT teams use act as a barrier to coordinating
performance management efforts,” said Charles Thompson, director of
product strategy for Network Instruments.

ORS Open Access, teams are able to easily integrate in-depth application and
infrastructure reports and metrics within their existing management solutions.
With this complete picture of performance, security or operations teams can now
track and accurately resolve issues.

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