Nokia Siemens launches new software tools for broadband operators

Telecom Lead Europe: Nokia Siemens Networks has
launched Service Quality Manager (SQM) and Performance
Manager (PM) to assist operators to offer better broadband experience.


The new sophisticated tools are expected to help in
broadening the information available to telecom operators to ensure their
networks deliver an excellent mobile broadband experience.


Leveraging the software tool, mobile operators can see how
well services are performing and prioritize network issues before they damage
customer relationships. The tools provide the link between network performance
and service experience, helping operators really understand what their
customers are getting.


The SQM and PM tools complement Nokia Siemens Networks’
Customer Experience Management (CEM) portfolio.


The new software tools handle the growing complexity of data
from mobile broadband networks.

Nokia Siemens claims that the tools enable more data to be
processed more rapidly and more intelligently to support operators’ efforts to
build closer relationships with their customers.


Network and service quality are highly prized by customers
with 60 percent of heavy users of mobile broadband expecting excellent network
quality even if it costs a little more. Yet it is becoming more challenging for
operators to deliver continuous customer satisfaction, because even on-target
network key performance indicators (KPIs) do not always translate into top
quality mobile broadband services,” said Mikko Hietanen, head of service and
customer management, CEM business enablement, Nokia Siemens Networks.


Service Quality Manager is designed to use built-in service
behavior models based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ understanding of how services
are affected by changes in networks and user behavior. Each model defines all
the behavioral elements and key measures of a particular service. This enables
SQM to turn complex network data into a simplified, accurate and meaningful
picture of how well services are performing.


Moreover, SQM allows operations teams to make real
customer-driven prioritization by showing how any service problem impacts the
actual customer experience.


Performance Manager (PM) incorporates more than 500
ready-made reports that Nokia Siemens Networks’ experience has revealed as the
most important for helping operators understand network performance end-to-end.


The scalable tool can process up to 70 billion data counters
per day and intelligently analyze them to provide an insight into network
performance and prioritize problems for immediate attention.


The SQM and PM tools are available separately or as part of
the recently launched CEM on Demand portal, which provides a single entry point
to dashboard views of mobile operators’ KPIs and recommends actions they can
take to improve their customers’ experiences.


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