NovelSat’s 3G-Sat NS3 technology shows 50% increase in bandwidth efficiency

SatLink Communications, a provider of global satellite
transmission services, and NovelSat, a manufacturer of 3G-Sat modulation
technology, NS3, announced the completion of a live trial of NovelSat’s
Modulator (NS1000) and Demodulator (NS2000), which incorporates NS3 technology.


The results of the trial have shown increases of over 50
percent in bandwidth efficiency when compared to DVB-S2.


SatLink tested NovelSat’s NS3 enabled devices against the
industry’s best DVB-S2 modulators and demodulators, under a typical video
contribution setting. The meticulous comparison was conducted over the AsiaSat5
and Eutelsat W3A Satellites, while maintaining an identical link budget and
fade margins.


Throughout the test regiment, NS3 demonstrated a spectral
efficiency improvement over DVB-S2 resulting in a 28 percent capacity boost
over a 36MHz transponder at a typical broadcasting operation point of CNR of 7
– 8 dB.


When SatLink ran the NS3 enabled gear over a 72MHz
transponder, the results exceeded the 50 percent improvement mark particularly
remarkable given the inherent limitations on receivers currently available.
Presently, 72MHz transponders are mandatorily divided into two carriers with 20
percent guard band to avoid co-channel interference due to this demodulator
handling limitation.


This limitation dramatically reduces the efficiency of
72MHz transponders. The NS2000 Demodulator from NovelSat is
the first demodulator capable of consolidating these two carriers into a single
72MHz carrier that can now be saturated. 358Mbps throughput was also measured
over the 72MHz transponder.


“SatLink serves some of the largest
broadcasters around the world. We are constantly looking for the most advanced
technologies to add value to our services, which is why NovelSat’s NS3
Modulation solution really intrigued us,” said David Hochner, CEO of
SatLink Communications.


“NovelSat’s relationship with SatLink over the past
three years has been a fruitful one. SatLink has provided NovelSat with
valuable market support and insight,” said Itzik Wulkan, CEO of NovelSat.


“This meticulously managed trial by a professional
teleport such as Satlink, has proven and supported our claims for the unmatched
performance of our entire line of NS3 enabled devices. We are confident that
this will significantly help SatLink continue to be leaders in satellite video
broadcasting as the entire industry faces the challenge of increased bandwidth
demands, cost, and decreased satellite space,” Wulkan added.


NovelSat recently announced
that its NS3 satellite transmission modulation technology is now available


NS3 increases satellite bandwidth by 20 to 55 percent
over current DVB-S2 and DVB-S standards respectively for 36 MHz transponders,
and up to 78 percent for 72Mhz transponders with the highest data rate of up to


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