NTT Docomo finalizes 5G research and trials with Ericsson and Nokia

Japanese telecom carrier NTT Docomo will associate with Ericsson and Nokia to conduct research on 5G technologies.

5G is expected to be launched by 2020.

NTT Docomo is planning to achieve bit rates of more than 10Gbps, delivering radio network capability of more than 1,000 times today’s LTE networks.

5G will enable users to have better experience from the new M2M applications.

Seizo Onoe, executive vice president and chief technical officer at NTT Docomo, said: “5G will provide significant performance enhancements to support future new applications that will impact both users and industry.”

NTT Docomo

Nokia will address future 5G networks related challenges such as guaranteeing cell-edge rates in excess of 100 Mbps and reducing latency by a factor of 10.

Nokia and NTT Docomo will cooperate on the research of future radio access systems, with an initial focus on exploring the potential of the millimeter wave technology at the 70 GHz spectrum band. The experimental 5G PoC system will be implemented using National Instrument’s (NI) baseband modules which make up the system for rapid prototyping of 5G air interfaces today.

Ericsson has developed advanced antenna technologies with wider bandwidths, higher frequencies and shorter transmission time intervals, as well as radio base stations built with baseband units and radio units developed specifically for the 5G trial.

In addition to the new antenna technologies, Ericsson said the trial covers technology areas related to macro/small cell architecture based on the heterogeneous network, broadband communication using frequency bands at 15GHz and high-speed, high-capacity transmission.

Ericsson will work with NTT Docomo on outdoor trials that will take place in Yokosuka, Japan.

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