Orange reveals performance – revenue, profit, and capex for first-quarter

Orange group has revealed its performance – revenue, profit, and capital expenditure, during the first quarter of 2024.
Orange CEO Christel HeydemannOrange group revenues rose 2.1 percent to 9,850 million euros in Q1 2024 as compared with the first quarter of 2023.

Orange has generated revenue of 4,339 million euros (up 0.8 percent) in France, 1,727 million euros (down 2 percent) in Europe (excluding Spain), 1,849 million euros (up 11.1 percent) in the Africa & Middle East, 1,939 million euros (0.3 percent) in Orange Business, 174 million euros (up 0.1 percent in TOTEM, and 334 million euros (down 1.4 percent) in International Carriers & Shared Services during the first quarter of 2024.

Orange’s revenue grew in the Africa & Middle East due to a robust performance in voice and double-digit increases in its growth engines (+15.7 percent in mobile data, +20.6 percent in fixed broadband, +23.5 percent at Orange Money and +14.1 percent in B2B across all activities).

Orange’s revenue in France rose 0.8 percent thanks to the growth in retail services excluding PSTN3 (+3.0 percent), in line with the “Lead the Future” target of growth between 2.0 percent and 4.0 percent, and to a 4.2 percent decline in wholesale due to the higher unbundling rate applied from 1 January 2024.

Orange’s revenue in Europe fell 2.0 percent due to a reduction in low-margin activities, offset partially by the growth of retail services excluding IT and Integration services (+0.9 percent).

The decrease in Orange Business revenues was due to the decline in fixed voice revenues (-8.7 percent), which was almost offset by accelerated growth in IT and Integration services revenues (+7.5 percent), notably driven by Orange Cyberdefense (+15.3 percent).

Orange has 9.1 million convergent customers (+1.9 percent), 242.6 million mobile phone customers (+7.0 percent) including 90.7 million contracts (+12.3 percent). Orange fixed services had 39.2 million accesses (-3.2 percent). Orange has 13.3 million (+14.4 percent) very high-speed broadband users.

Orange’s eCAPEX amounted to 1,384 million euros in the first quarter of 2024, excluding 166 million euros of CAPEX for Spain booked in the first quarter. eCAPEX rose 3.1 percent and eCAPEX for telecom activities as a percentage of revenues was 14 percent. The number of households connectable to FTTH reached 56.2 million excluding Spain (+12.2 percent), and the FTTH customer base was 12.2 million (+15.4 percent).