PCTEL unveils SeeGull MX Scanning Receiver for LTE, CDMA, and EV-DO Networks

PCTEL, a provider of antenna and
scanning receiver solutions, announced the expansion of the SeeGull MX scanning
receiver technology coverage.

The new MX release incorporates
measurements of CDMA and EV-DO technologies along with its well-established
support for LTE, GSM and WCDMA.


The SeeGull MX can support multi-technology network testing and
benchmarking applications with simultaneous measurements of five protocols
across as many as eight operating bands.


It features leading-edge, concurrent
measurement technology that advances the MX performance advantages in
measurement speed, high dynamic range and accuracy.


As wireless carriers add 4G LTE technology
to meet exploding user demand for both fixed and mobile broadband data access,
they need to maintain and even expand legacy 2G and 3G networks.


The PCTEL‘s SeeGull MX is
a single solution that allows operators to meet the challenges of deploying,
managing and optimizing multiple networks without repeated and expensive
drive-testing. Its advanced LTE capabilities include measurements at the actual
bandwidths of all 3GPP frequency bands up to 20 MHz, not just at the center of
the defined band.


The SeeGull MX has quickly gained
acceptance with LTE, WCDMA and GSM operators because of its high performance
and flexibility,” said Jeff Miller, senior vice president of Sales and
Marketing, PCTEL.


This latest release brings
state-of-the-art radio access network testing to over 40 countries that use
CDMA technology. With an architecture that is designed to support LTE MIMO and
LTE-Advanced, the SeeGull MX will continue to help operators evolve their
networks far into the future,” Jeff Miller added.


The SeeGull MX is fully compliant
with 3GPP and 3GPP2 specifications and is currently available directly from
PCTEL or through its indirect channels.


By TelecomLead.com Team