PureWave taps Aricent LTE eNodeB Software Framework to develop LTE solutions

Telecom Lead America: PureWave has selected Aricent Group LTE eNodeB Software Framework to develop LTE solutions.

The licensing of its LTE eNodeB software framework to PureWave Networks enables Aricent LTE eNodeb software framework to offer layer 2 and layer 3 modules for the Purewave Constellation LTE eNodeBs to deliver better wireless coverage and capacity.

Besides capacities of up to 1Gbps, PureWave Constellation base stations offer features including multi-tenant option that allows up to three operators to share the same base station box, while each retaining full control of their respective spectrum band, management capability and core network connectivity.

Ronen Vengosh, VP of Marketing and Business Development at PureWave Networks

“Small cells offer operators the only economically viable way to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for wireless data service. PureWave Constellation base stations improve operator business case for small cell deployment by allowing operators to share cost of network deployment, while retaining full control over their network,” said Ronen Vengosh, VP of Marketing and Business Development at PureWave Networks.

Aricent software framework integrates layer 2 and layer 3+ LTE modules that provide a highly optimized platform for development of superior LTE solutions. The software provides multi-mode functionality and value-added applications for Radio Resource Management (RRM), call and session management, Self-Organized Networks (SON) and management plane.

“The combination of Aricent’s software platform with PureWave’s innovative architecture and unique productization delivers a highly compelling LTE solution to meet the demands of this ever evolving market,” said Rakesh Vij vice president of business development, wireless and convergence, Aricent Group.

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