RADCOM and Amdocs jointly develop RAN monetization solution for 4G LTE networks

Telecom Lead America: RADCOM and Amdocs have jointly developed, tested and deployed on a trial basis a Radio Access Network (RAN) monetization and cell congestion control solution for LTE networks.

The solution enables service providers to monetize the RAN by offering promotions to subscribers when cells are under-utilized. It also enhances and automatically resolves cell congestion by applying RAN-aware policy to subscriber sessions.

Based on RADCOM’s Omni-Q probe-based Service Assurance platform and the Amdocs Policy Controller, the solution was successfully deployed 0n a trial LTE (4G) network at a tier-1 service provider in the Asia/Pacific region. The solution can also support UMTS and CDMA networks.

“This joint solution represents a unique approach that leverages service assurance and¬†policy control integration beyond the network and charging domains,” said Eyal Harari, RADCOM’s VP of Products and Marketing. “With the dynamic nature of traffic in mobile networks, service providers need an automated, flexible solution that controls congestion when the cell is over-utilized and allows operators to better monetize cells when they are under-utilized.”

“Our successful trial deployment shows that operators can harness data by combining real-time RAN utilization data with the power of Amdocs policy control to monetize usage, based on available capacity and subscriber service entitlements,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs.

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