R&M unveils R&Mfoxs, complete solution for FTTH

Swiss cabling major R&M announced the launch of its R&Mfoxs, a complete FTTH solution. R&Mfoxs is a fiber optic cross connection system from Reichle & De-Massari.



The company presented the R&Mfoxs at the 37th European Conference for Optic Communication, the ECOC 2011 in Geneva. To reiterate the importance of FTTH solutions, R&M has launched a new FTTH microsite, which is dedicated for FTTH topologies and architectural information.


Network operators need flexible, scalable systems with a high packing density that can be individually adapted to any market and site situation. R&Mfoxs is just the answer to these requisites,” said Gaurav Ahluwalia, managing director, R&M India.

The R&Mfoxs range also features optical distribution frames (ODFs) for larger distribution sites, street cabinets and splitters, dome sleeves for subterranean distribution, outer housings for cabling and field-terminated connectors over the last mile.



R&M also has solutions in its range for building entry points and for broadband cabling within buildings. It concentrates on a small number of easy-to-handle components that can be scaled as desired. This approach simplifies planning, assembly and maintenance as well as conversion and subscriber management. R&M says its customers are always able to maintain a good overview of investment costs.


R&Mfoxs supports hybrid cabling. That means network operators can use copper and FO infrastructures concurrently and implement Fiber to the Home gradually as required.

The distributor and tray technology developed by R&M functions on all network levels with a bending radius of R40, a radius that is especially gentle on fibers. Even when extremely high packing densities are involved, the bending radius of optic fibers is limited to 40 millimeters.



This modular program (R&Mfoxs) for passive network technology covers all levels of modern broadband infrastructures from data center and main distributor to the feeder, drop and access area and beyond to FO outlets. The program is based on SCM, the single circuit management system developed by R&M. It features easy-to-operate splice trays for managing the individual fibers and subscribers. The products and platforms of the R&Mfoxs range can be combined as required and they support all topologies and types of cables customarily found on the market.


By Telecomlead.com Team
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