Shenick works with telecom operators to test 4G Mobile VoLTE performance

Telecom Lead America: Shenick Network
Systems, a provider of per-flow IP and 4G communication test systems, is
working with mobile service providers and network equipment manufacturers to
test quality of experience of 4G networks for next generation services such as
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and streaming video.

High bandwidth LTE deployments carrying VoLTE calls,
streaming video and data services, together with increased demand for secure
enterprise VPN connections pushes the LTE network to its limits. In all of
this, there are serious considerations for quality, scale, performance and
integration,” said Robert Winters, chief marketing officer at Shenick Network

The company said that it is helping SP’s and NEM’s to
address the real quality challenge in moving mobile voice services from what
used to be dedicated voice handling infrastructure to VoLTE which utilizes the
shared medium of IP with bandwidth hungry video and data applications.

The company added that its diversifEye tests 4G
networks for next generation VoLTE, IP video and other data services over both
regular and secure mobile VPN’s.

According to Shenick, service providers benefit from
diversifEye because they can ensure quality of experience for each and every
VoLTE call.

The company said that diversifEye can also stress test
mobile VPNs to breaking point by scaling to tens of Gigabits-per-second of
stateful traffic, pinpointing potential issues all the way down to each
network, application and end-user flow on physical and virtualized networks.

diversifEye enables carriers to identify 4G performance
bottlenecks and fully understand end user QoE limitations particularly for new
voice, video and data services coming on to the market.

Shenick leads market with multi-hypervisor virtual test and
measurement solution

Recently, Shenick Network Systems announced that it is
leading the market with an IP test and measurement solution that can operate in
a multi-hypervisor environment.

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