SK Telecom 4G subscriber base reaches 18.98 million in 2015

SK Telecom
SK Telecom today said its LTE 4G subscriber base reached 18.98 million in Korea in December 2015.

The 4G subscriber base of SK Telecom accounts for 66.3 percent of the company’s total mobile subscriber base.

SK Telecom has benefitted its new data plan called Band Data announced in May 2015. The latest data plan added around 7 million subscribers till the fourth quarter of 2015.

SK Telecom said its 2015 revenue dipped 0.2 percent to KRW 17.137 trillion due to the elimination of sign-up fees, decreased network interconnection revenue caused by interconnection fee reduction, and increased number of subscribers who choose contract-based mobile fee discounts.

Operating income of SK Telecom fell 6.4 percent to KRW 1.708 trillion, while net income decreased 15.8 percent to KRW 1.516 trillion affected by reduced equity method gain from SK Hynix.

To boost IoT revenue, the Korean company has introduced an open Smart Home service platform and launched 25 different Smart Home-compatible home appliances under cooperation with 34 companies.

SK Telecom plans to increase the number of smart home products to 70 in 2016 by partnering with over 50 different companies. It will also create new revenue streams by expanding its IoT business areas to connected car, energy, security and public services.

Hwang Keun-joo, head of Strategy and Planning Division at SK Telecom, said: “In the year 2016, we will reap tangible results in the next-generation platform business based on our unrivalled strength in telecommunications.”

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