SK Telecom, NSN commercialize Uplink CoMP for 20% increase in mobile data upload speed on LTE

Korean mobile service provider SK Telecom and Nokia Solutions and Network (NSN) today said they commercialized Uplink CoMP (Uplink Cooperative Multi-Point) that can enhance mobile data upload speed by 20 percent on the LTE network.

The new technology will assist telecom operators to benefit immensely because mobile data upload speeds can be increased by an average of 20 percent in coverage boundaries.

In an area covered by multiple base stations, Uplink CoMP directs that signals from mobile devices are received by not one but multiple base stations, and combines these signals to increase signal strength, said SK Telecom.

SK Telecom

Because Uplink CoMP is applied to base stations, there is no need to upgrade LTE devices.

SK Telecom, one of the leading 4G service providers, plans to apply the technology to all its LTE base stations within the end of this year. The Korean telecoms expects Uplink CoMP to significantly increase user convenience.

“Continuous efforts will be made to develop and apply innovative network technologies like Uplink CoMP to provide our customers with greater convenience and differentiated value,” said Park Jin-hyo, senior vice president and head of Network Technology R&D Center at SK Telecom.

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