SKY Brazil selects Nokia Siemens Networks to roll out 4G in Latin America

SKY, a cable and satellite TV operator in Brazil, has
launched wireless broadband services using 4G technology.


SKY has initially launched fixed wireless broadband
services for customers in Brasília city. The company plans to roll out services
to new customers in other cities of Brazil, and other countries in Latin
America, in the future.


We are proud to be the very first operator to introduce
wireless broadband in Brazil by deploying a TD-LTE network,” said Luiz Eduardo
Baptista, CEO, SKY.


Nokia Siemens Networks is the sole vendor for the launch,
providing a complete TD-LTE network, the first
of its kind in Latin America. TD-LTE enables SKY to deliver high data
throughputs with superior reliability, allowing users to benefit from a wide
range of new and innovative multimedia applications and services.


We are committed to the overall LTE ecosystem and
driving the adoption of 4G technology globally,” said Eduardo Araujo, head of
Latin America region, Nokia Siemens Networks.


Brazil is a key market for our company. With this deal,
we are delighted to have brought 4G to Brazil through our partnership with SKY,
one of the region’s leading brands. Our expertise in TD-LTE and strong local
service delivery helped SKY roll out the 4G services rapidly for its
customers,” Araujo added.


The three-year contract enables Nokia Siemens Networks to
provide the TD-LTE radio network based on its award-winning, compact, energy-efficient
Flexi Multiradio Base Station. The company has
also provided its FlexiPacket Microwave transport platform and Evolved Packet
Core (EPC), which is part of its Liquid Core


In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks has provided its
CPEi-lte 7212, a wireless router built for indoor use that provides fixed
wireless connectivity to TD-LTE services via WiFi or Ethernet.


Nokia Siemens Networks has provided its NetAct network
management system to provide consolidated configuration, monitoring and network
optimization. The One-NDS subscriber database
software will help SKY improve its customers’ experience. One-NDS unifies
subscriber data into a single database for one or multiple network
applications, creating a consolidated view of subscriber profile information.


Recently, Nokia Siemens Networks announced
its association with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) for offering commercial 4G
mobile services using TD-LTE technology. The 4G network was built by Nokia
Siemens Networks for the country’s western region. TD-LTE offers an enhanced
mobile broadband experience with faster access to high quality video and more
responsive data services such as interactive gaming.


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