SoftBank to Discontinue 3G Services, Prompting Mandatory Transition to 4G/5G

In a significant development, SoftBank has officially announced the discontinuation of its 3G services, set to take effect on January 31, 2024. The telecommunications giant had previously disclosed this decision in a news statement dated November 14, 2022.
SoftBank 5GStarting from February 1, 2024, customers subscribed to 3G price plans and utilizing mobile handsets incompatible with 4G/5G services will no longer have access to SoftBank’s mobile communication services. To ensure uninterrupted service, affected customers are required to migrate to price plans and mobile handsets compatible with 4G/5G technology.

The discontinuation details are as follows:

Automatic Cancellation of Contracts:

Customers subscribed to 3G price plans

Contracts unable to utilize VoLTE services on 4G/5G-supporting price plans

Customers utilizing specific mobile handsets purchased from SoftBank Corp. exclusively compatible with 3G services

Mobile handsets or settings that will become incapable of connecting to the Internet or making calls

Additional Disruptions:

Customers using mobile handset models that do not support 4G/5G services or VoLTE services, or have certain settings (e.g., VoLTE settings turned off), will lose voice calling and internet connectivity through SoftBank Corp.’s services.

Affected customers are urged to promptly migrate to 4G/5G price plans and acquire compatible mobile handsets to continue availing SoftBank’s mobile communication services without interruption.

This strategic shift underscores the global telecommunications industry’s ongoing transition towards higher-speed, more efficient 4G and 5G networks, aligning with the evolving digital landscape and consumer demands for enhanced connectivity and advanced services.