Spice Mobile to Focus on Mobile Internet Space

Spice Mobility announced the switch to being a technology company focused on the mobile internet space.

Spice Mobility  also unveiled the strategic roadmap to complete the first phase aof the switch by Sep 2011. India is already one of the two fastest growing large economies in the world and can very well become the largest economy. Mobile internet can enable India to achieve double digit GDP growth rate by capitalizing on the young population of the country”,  said B.K. Modi, chairman, Spice Mobility.

India has the largest youth population with 37 million under 14, greater than China’s 23 million, and equivalent to 20 percent of the global youth population. Indian youth has moved away from the basics of roti, kapda and makaan and need mobile internet to make them fully productive.

It is our duty to support the Indian government in making the country Internet literate and remove the digital divide. Our businesses have continued to lead the country’s move from office automation in 1980s to internet revolution in 1990 to mobile telephony revolution in 1995 and now the digital highway with mobile internet”,  Modi added.

The shift to mobile internet space will leverage Spice groups businesses across sectors and geographies to catapult the historically neglected i2i economies in to emerging digital economies with mobile internet.

The company already has other subsidiary and associate companies in the i2i region (Ivory coast to Indonesia) and it is the group’s intention to bring all of them under one fold. The company will become a true multinational operating across Africa, Middle East, Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia. This region has traditionally not been given the focus by global companies. This will also help double Spice group revenues in the next two years.

The roadmap for the switch to being the Mobile Internet company includes having a global supply chain for sourcing efficiencies and R&D support.

Spice devices, already enjoys 22 percent market share in some of the northern states. To replicate this success across the country Spice is creating 7 clusters. This will give the required focus to meet the regions business requirements and be closer to the customers.

By TelecomLead.com Team

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