Spreadtrum adopts mimoOn Software for TD-LTE basebands



Telecomlead Team:
  mimoOn, a provider of LTE
software products for Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms announced that its
LTE software has been adopted by Spreadtrum for use within its TD-LTE product


Our advanced software architecture, designed to be
flexible to take advantage of a variety of hardware architectures, added to the
high level of internal validation we perform in-house, allowed for a fast
deployment of our LTE software on Spreadtrum’s silicon,” said Dirk Friebel,
CEO, mimoOn.


Spreadtum has entered the 4G market with a single-chip
multimode baseband modem for the China TD-LTE market, initially targeting
premium smartphone and datacard designs. mimoOn’s software has played a key
role in Spreadtrum’s LTE development.


Working with mimoOn has allowed Spreadtrum to achieve
faster time to market for our LTE products. We have appreciated greatly
mimoOn’s technical support and product quality,” said Dr. Leo Li, CEO,


is also demoing its LTE software products for small cell and terminal


The highlight of the company’s demonstrations at Mobile
World Congress 2012 is the mimoOn LTE eNodeB PHY and Protocol Stack, which
recently achieved a first call.


mimoOn is showcasing its LTE software with the additional
products including UE (User Equipment) PHY Software; and SON enhancements for
eNodeB Protocol Stack.


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