Sumitomo Electric develops remote radio head for TD-LTE base stations

Telecom Lead Team:

Sumitomo Electric Industries has launched the TRU2640, advanced remote radio
head designed for use in TD-LTE networks.

With a
compact lightweight body under 15 kg and 20 L, the TRU2640 has a total output
power of 40 W, and helps telecom operators reduce both their capital
expenditures and operating expenditures.

operators are increasingly required to expand their coverage and capacity to
meet customer needs. For these operators, it is vital to deliver strong signals
to a large given area, and thus, many operators deploy RRHs in their base
stations. As the base stations increase in number, any OPEX and CAPEX savings
for a base station create considerable difference in their bottom line.

The TRU2640
has a high power efficiency of 20 percent, weighs less than 15 kg, and operates
in the 2.6 GHz band, the most commonly used band for TD-LTE systems. Requiring
smaller backup power systems, the TRU2640 saves on monthly electric costs and
simplifies inventory, resulting in the reduction of their CAPEX.

The TRU2640
offers optional support for multi-carrier operation, which enables operators to
expand capacity in the future without truck rolls or tower climbs.

understand the demand that operators have faced to provide better coverage and
capacity for their networks. For the operators who wish to balance performance
and cost while providing desired coverage and capacity, our RRH product lines,
the TRU2640 in particular, have been designed to address both OPEX and CAPEX
concerns” said Hiroshi Hamada, general manager of the Strategic Planning
Department, Network Systems Division at Sumitomo Electric.

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