Syniverse sets up LTE Hub

Telecom Lead America: Syniverse has set up LTE Hub that
offers operators access to full LTE and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
interoperability and interworking for 4G voice and data roaming.

The Hub also provides advanced customer care, wholesale
billing and messaging services to ensure these next-generation networks deliver
the seamless experience end users demand.

Syniverse is taking this special initiative as mobile
operators build out advanced networks to support long-term end-user demands for
bandwidth and advanced capabilities. Syniverse is addressing the more complex
aspects of Long Term Evolution (LTE) with a one-stop suite of solutions.

For end users, the most important factor is that these
networks interoperate with each other and interwork with supporting Wi-Fi and
legacy cellular networks to offer the ubiquitous coverage to which mobile users
have become accustomed. For operators, this means they must take steps to
deliver full-service 4G interoperability and interworking today to deliver
advanced services well into the future,”¬Ě said Syniverse President and CEO Jeff

Syniverse’s PRIME IP Packet eXchange Network Solution
(IPX) provides a carrier-grade, five-nines connection to Syniverse via a global
all-IP network. The single connection currently connects more than 80 operators
worldwide. Mobile operators gain immediate access to Syniverse’s 4G solutions.

4G roaming and interworking present a host of
complexities for operators, so it’s critical to take a long-term strategic
approach to maximize back-end efficiencies and to focus on the end-user

Mobile operators can obtain vital solutions via a single
source, the Syniverse IPX network. Only Syniverse offers this breadth of 4G
solutions, all of which are backed by our 25 years of simplifying complexity
for the mobile ecosystem.

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